Included in next release – version 3.1
Complete (development done, in testing):Bugs:On Dell streak (running android 2.2):  The area of the screen where it shows the day of the week  is gray with no day or date in it.  Probably due to color scheme by Dell, will change font to a darker one.Force Close in programs due to database handling in some casesGeneral improvements:Option to Install2sd on Froyo (Android 2.2+ devices)Moved About information to Preferences, for simpler menus and less screensMoved Backup/Restore menu to Preferences, to have simpler menusMoved menu Online Help to sub menu More, to make space for new button   New menu: Today button – to easily get back to the date of todayNew menu: Get Pro Version as submenu under menu MoreAll reports by code, both in app and export Under work (hopefully will be included)Bugs:Problem with week numbering first week of the year.FC when entering time in some cases on an Entry, when dates are invalidExport a report to csv, File Editor with an apparently empty document and an error message saying “File not found”, even though the file is correctly exported.General improvements:Option to automatically export of database to SD card on exitAbility to set up tax (in Settings) to get an estimation of earnings after tax.Extended improvement of reporting functionality (hopefully a lot of features from Reporting section below) .Tab for day totals is removed (space will be used for a new tab)New tab for user selected interval of datesTime interval for reportTime in/out times in full report and CSV file.Option if you want to open the created CSV file (on the Sd-Card) in external program.Updated online manual (new features described + FAQ section)

Future releases
Functionality that I hope to include in the future. Start and stop of activities, features like:In/out clock – stopwatch functionality. start and stop the time, the hours will be updated.”Tab” showing all currently running jobs. Easy overview and easy to find jobs that you forgot to stop.Hopefully a nice Widget,  for click in/outMileage trackingExpenses handlingGeneral:Week view: start date of week and week number, to facilitate (now just week number).Copy previous day: ability to edit comments and hours before copy is complete.Check-box Option for lunch break on entry or button for adding deafult break time (default lunch time length in Settings).Even more language support; Korean and German planned so far.Ability to erase previous months data, or selectable time period.Automatic backup management – for devices with Android 2.2 and aboveReporting:Choose company on Reort  like week/Month report:  So you can get totals for a specific company and send them your reportDetailed reports on week and month view, where each entry is listed in similar way as detailed email report, with the ability to edit.CSV file export fix: date and money separator depending on locationCSV file export: Re arrange the order the data is in the csvSpreadsheet view of week. The grid made up of Codes horizontally, days vertically.Maybe search function :)Switch to Graphs on Day/week/Month report, hopefully both bar and line graphsAbility to mark that the week’s/month’s time has been paid/receivedPreferences:Option: white or black themeDefault start time set to current  or Manual entrySelectable currency symbolEnter a standard hourly rate for all entries (in Settings) to save time entering it with each entryAdjust sorting of tasks, currently it’s alphabetical sorted ascending, future option  to change to descending i PreferencesMilitary time or standard system timeDefault break timeMisc:Different hour rates on a code. Standard rate, hour rate over a set number of hours per week (overtime) and special rates for Saturday and Sunday (double time). The factor can be setup. Different pay rate if over a certain number of hours per week, example 40.Multi currency: Different currencies per taskMaximum time for project – enter the total time for a project and colored warnings if time is running outImport from CalendarMultiple person tracking. Be able heck box of who is on job that day from a list of people. Also with ability to add subtract time they work that day.Payment handling: setup cutoff date in month, showing the pending earnings from previous month (overtime)Gps location recording on click in/out and then reverse mapping on report generationMonth Calendar view with ability to freely chose start and stop day (will solve following requested functions):7-day report: Choose the dates for the 7 day reportSeparate day view on weekly and calendar viewMont-report: ability to to set the working month to differ from a normal calendar month: Example 26th January to 26th of February.Week-report: ability to chose more than one week.Free selectable time period on reports.Bi-weekly reportYear to date report, under a new tabCalendar view of week or month with times summed per week 

I would like to thank everyone for all the good suggestions!Technical problems or difficulty solving some programming problem might delay certain functionality.  Also time available is of course a factor. So I’m sorry that I can’t give a timetable for all functionality at the moment.Feel free to request features that you think might be useful!Either leave a comment (currently closed in non mobile version of web, working on fix) or send a email :)I read all comment & e-mails, but I don’t always have the time to respond. Sorry for that.Change log

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