Q:  Is there a way to move data entered to a new phone?

A: Yes:

1. In myTimesheet on old  phone:

Press meny button

Select: More

Select: Backup db

The backup is done on the SD card.

Move SD card to new phone.

2. In myTimesheet on new phone:

Press meny button

Select: More

Select: Restore db

3. Start myTimeSheet :-)

Q: How can I move entered data from Free version to Pro version?

A: Please see instruction page

Q: Totals listed as in other currency rather than my local currency?

A: The currency is based on locale settings in the Android operating system. All locations are not currently supported. Hope to add selectable currency symbol in the future.

Q: Trouble installing / downloading?

A: Please see Google help page on this issue:


Q: PRO version – Purchased the full version, changed phone in and it
looks as though its going to charge me again to get the pro version?

A: You can download & and install the app again without being charged again, if you use the same Google account. Please see Google help page on this issue:


Q: I need a timesheet where I can punch my workers in and out and at the
end of the day keep track of their hours. It is for keeping track of how many hours my workers work in a week.


Name each project/task with the workers name.

Then he manually sets clockin/out times.

I’m adding clock in/out functionality in the future

Q: Was wondering if you might be adding an invoice feature where the app
could add up amounts weekly from different clients?

A: I’m adding client/company in future version, with reports for each separate client.

Q: I have an feature request / improvment?

A: Please see the requested/upcoming features page.

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