Change log – myTimeSheet

V 3.0.3:

  • Bug fix: FC when Android can’t handle the locale.
  • Bug fix: Problem with FC after install on LG GW620 with Android 1.5. Might be related to FC.
  • Bug fix: Database closed on resume of app in rare occasions, resulting in FC. Close app after Backup is done. Might help.
  • Bug fix: FC in app due to swipe detection. Sorry folks, have to disable swiping until I can find the problem…
  • Purchase version (Pro) with no ads.

V 3.0.2:

  • Bug fix: FC problem : If time is set to minus time and the entry line is edited (on HTC Desire Android 2.1 and SE Xperia 10 /mini /pro).
  • Revenue is shown on report tab.
  • Minor change of layout  on week view to better work with some translation. +/- hours are displayed under total time.  So more than week number can be displayed in future.
  • Width of date fields shorter, so + button (change date) is always visible.
  • Bugfix: If you have time setup to show AM/PM the break time is displayed strangely: 0,5h break time is shown as 12:30AM, should be 00:50.
  • Bugfix: If start and stop time is not set on entry (and AM/PM showing on time) the times are displayed as 12:00 AM, should be 00:00.
  • Bugfix: FC when creating new entry if manual entry of hours and pressing refresh button
  • Bugfix: Timepicking dailog not updated, if manual update of time  and refresh is done more than one time on Entry.
  • Bugfix: Breaktime display as 12:00/12:00 AM if not set. Should be 00:00
  • Bugfix: Hopefully solved probelms with Database closed on resume of app in rare occasions, resulting in FC. Example: sometimes when  editing Codes.


  • Minor translation fix
  • Removal in Settings: Time Interval between checks for automatic updates. Done since the automatic check is now disabled.
  • Bug fix: Entering just a . (dot) in Time field on a  Entry and pressing Save or the Refresh button causes a Force Close.
  • Updated/fixed Chinese translations
  • Bug fix: Earnings are not updated when the hours of day, week, month are 0.
  • Bug fix: Copy previous day, the new entry isn’t complete. It has the correct code and total hours, but the starttime, stoptime and time for break are all set to 0.


  • Time in/out. Example in 10:00am out 11:00am, break 1h. Automatic calculation of hours. (- break time).
  • Ability to change the date on the entry. Start and stop date (Similar to Calendar app).
  • +/- click or manual change of hour  –  updates time out.
  • Quick add button, select code and the activity is created. For fast editing with +/- buttons.
  • Quick add – sets in time and out time.
  • Amount is not displayed when 0 (if hour rate is 0 on codes).
  • Backup/restore functionality of data to SD-card. Don’t lose data if you need to reset phone etc.  Code by Jamie (developer of MyPOI).
  • Support for swiping  to change date.
  • Change code on entry. Drop down menu.
  • Ability to edit codes, just no enter new ones.
  • CSV(Excel) file export: “-character in field encoded with “” (CSV standard)
  • Changed icon for menu option: Share.
  • Csv export to directory on SD Card
  • New changed high resolution app icon + icons in program  (to look better on devices with high resolution screens)
  • CSV(Excel) file export to email as an attachment!
  • Bug fix: Selected tab, not changed in some cases on new entry.
  • Bug fix: Fixed rounding of hours on day, week, month report so buttons are visible.
  • Bug fix: Removal of 0.0 in hour box, when creating new entry.
  • Bug fix: possible to enter a hour number with two decimals, example 11.75 + fix of length on day view
  • Bug fix: Losing entered text since save (on entry)  if screen orientation change is done
  • Bug fix: rounding of hours on each code on report view – day,week,month
  • Bug fix: rounding of sum and revenu in exported email
  • Bug fix: copy previous day – decimal is truncated
  • Bug fix: sometimes manual entry of time i set to zero on save
  • Removal of automatic update check. If you think the feature is needed, please email me. Manual check is still available.


  • Bugfix: Shortcode name missing in if Copy Previous day is used.
  • CSV file export fix: Comment field surrounded by “-character, for correct import in ex. Excel.
  • CSV file export fix: fields changed to include date. Date interval heading removed.
  • CSV file export fix: changed order of columns to; date, code, name, hours, revenue and comment
  • Add new entry: Sort codes alphabetically based on the short code, then the name (Now  sorting on when they were added).
  • Day, week, Moth Report and summed email report: Sort codes alphabetically based on the short code, then the name (Now  sorting on when they were added).
  • Bug fix: force close in when adding an entry if screen orientation is changed.


  • Rounding of revenue (money) on reports to 2 decimal places.
  • Rounding of week work hours on week report.
  • Better handling of screen orientation change


  • Bug fix: Hopefully solves some of the force close issues.


  • Week-report: total flexibility of starting day (set in Preferences). Example Wednesday.
  • Chinese, French and Swedish localization of application
  • Copy previous day – If today is empty, copy the time entered on previous day (a day before the selected one which has time entered on it) to the current day. Comments are not copied.
  • Week working time, if over specified time ex. 40 hours, a plus/minus hours are shown.
  • Recommend to friend (send email) and donate button on About page


  • 7-day report: Select start day of the working week (in Preferences)
  • Localized currency symbol, example : if you are in Britain you get a £ sign.
  • The day of the week and date on day views. Example: Mon 1/1/2010
  • Date format on day according to chosen system settings


  • Bug fix: week number not changing on some occasions


  • Text hint in input fields
  • Hopefully solving some force close issue that happens for some on screen orientation change
  • Better performance on screen change (related to above)
  • 7-day report: Workweek start on Monday


  • Minor fixes. Fixed date box, so it’s not an edit box.


  • Revenue – enter hour rate and get totals sum of money earned for day, week, month
  • Version to the about box
  • When choosing a task, the name to the short code is shown.  Something like: 999888 [task for john]
  • Name for tasks in day, week and month report
  • Export – more details on the email export: summed and detail export
  • CSV file export to the storage card


  • Bug fix: before only 3 lines where visible when editing a comment, even if more than 3 lines where entered.


  • Just better support for different screen sizes. For an example, HTC Tattoo users can now find the app on the android market.


  • Bug fix – crashing when saving is fixed.


  • Scrolling enabled!
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Online manual in the menu
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Automatic and manual check if you have the latest version
  • Fixes for better horizontal layout and small fixes of layout
  • Add button on Report view for more convenient handling

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