myTimeSheet v3.0.x released

myTimeSheet version 3.0 was released today for download.

I would like to tank everyone for all the good suggestions! And also tank you all for your patience!

I will release minor bug fix releases (3.0.1, 3.0.2 …) more regularly until v3.1 is complete. Some features might feel as they are quite basic, since this version is a foundation for coming functionality. I hope to improve the way data is inputed and edited in 3.2, example ability to start/stop timers. See the requested features page for requested features and the road map for the next versions.

The new version features:

  • Time in/out. Example in 10:00am out 11:00am, break 1h. Automatic calculation of hours. (- break time).
  • Ability to change the date on the entry. Start and stop date (Similar to Calendar app).
  • +/- click or manual change of hour  –  updates time out.
  • Quick add button, select code and the activity is created. For fast editing with +/- buttons.
  • Quick add – sets in time and out time.
  • Amount is not displayed when 0 (if hour rate is 0 on codes).
  • Backup/restore functionality of data to SD-card. Don’t lose data if you need to reset phone etc.  Code by Jamie (developer of MyPOI).
  • Support for swiping  to change date.
  • Change code on entry. Drop down menu.
  • Ability to edit codes, just no enter new ones.
  • CSV(Excel) file export: “-character in field encoded with “” (CSV standard)
  • Changed icon for menu option: Share.
  • Csv export to directory on SD Card
  • New changed high resolution app icon + icons in program  (to look better on devices with high resolution screens)
  • CSV(Excel) file export to email as an attachment!
  • Bug fix: Selected tab, not changed in some cases on new entry.
  • Bug fix: Fixed rounding of hours on day, week, month report so buttons are visible.
  • Bug fix: Removal of 0.0 in hour box, when creating new entry.
  • Bug fix: possible to enter a hour number with two decimals, example 11.75 + fix of length on day view
  • Bug fix: Losing entered text since save (on entry)  if screen orientation change is done
  • Bug fix: rounding of hours on each code on report view – day,week,month
  • Bug fix: rounding of sum and revenue in exported email
  • Bug fix: copy previous day – decimal is truncated
  • Bug fix: sometimes manual entry of time i set to zero on save
  • Removal of automatic update check (Market app has improved). If you think the feature is needed, please email me. Manual check is still available.

Update 3.0.1:

  • Minor translation fix
  • Removal in Settings: Time Interval between checks for automatic updates. Done since the automatic check is now disabled.
  • Bug fix: Entering just a . (dot) in Time field on a  Entry and pressing Save or the Refresh button causes a Force Close.
  • Updated/fixed Chinese translations
  • Bug fix: Earnings are not updated when the hours of day, week, month are 0.
  • Bug fix: Copy previous day, the new entry isn’t complete. It has the correct code and total hours, but the starttime, stoptime and time for break are all set to 0.

Update 3.0.2:

  • Bug fix: FC problem : If time is set to minus time and the entry line is edited (on HTC Desire Android 2.1 and SE Xperia 10 /mini /pro).
  • Revenue is shown on report tab.
  • Minor change of layout  on week view to better work with some translation. +/- hours are displayed under total time.  So more than week number can be displayed in future.
  • Width of date fields shorter, so + button (change date) is always visible.
  • Bugfix: If you have time setup to show AM/PM the break time is displayed strangely: 0,5h break time is shown as 12:30AM, should be 00:50.
  • Bugfix: If start and stop time is not set on entry (and AM/PM showing on time) the times are displayed as 12:00 AM, should be 00:00.
  • Bugfix: FC when creating new entry if manual entry of hours and pressing refresh button
  • Bugfix: Timepicking dailog not updated, if manual update of time  and refresh is done more than one time on Entry.
  • Bugfix: Breaktime display as 12:00/12:00 AM if not set. Should be 00:00
  • Bugfix: Hopefully solved probelms with Database closed on resume of app in rare occasions, resulting in FC. Example: sometimes when  editing Codes.

Update 3.0.3:

  • Bug fix: FC when Android can’t handle the locale.
  • Bug fix: Problem with FC after install on LG GW620 with Android 1.5. Might be related to FC.
  • Bug fix: Database closed on resume of app in rare occasions, resulting in FC. Close app after Backup is done. Might help.
  • Bug fix: FC in app due to swipe detection. Sorry folks, have to disable swiping until I can find the problem…